Obama Declares War Against Human Nature


prometheus: I took from man expectancy of death.
chorus: What medicine found’st thou for this malady?
prometheus: I planted blind hope in the heart of him.
chorus: A mighty boon thou gavest there to man.
prometheus: Moreover, I conferred the gift of fire.
chorus: And have frail mortals now the flame-bright fire?
prometheus: Yea, and shall master many arts thereby.

September 20, 2010 – (RealEstateRama) — Unlike the beasts, mankind survives because he is a scientist. We cannot physically compete with animals that can fly, or run and swim faster than us, who can drink dirty water and combat the bacteria in it, or who multiply in such sheer numbers that they survive despite losing 95% of their offspring each generation. No, human beings survive in this universe because our nature is to figure out the natural laws of physics, and domesticate them, building infrastructure, to reflect those laws in the world we create. We build farms to feed each other, build machines to aid our productivity, and build our knowledge, to improve our culture, and the technology of our infrastructure, from one generation to the next.

This is human nature; it’s how we flourish, and it is what makes us truly happy.

Yet, tragically, on Monday, September 13, 2010, an insane President Obama, once again declared himself opposed to human nature, making it clear he is barricading the progress of scientific understanding, and thus also a real economic recovery. By opposing the discovery of fusion technology, a natural physical chemical reaction occurring daily in the Sun, Obama is opposing the only technology that will allow us to replenish the resources of the biosphere. The domestication of fusion/fission reactions (“fire”) allows us the ability to take all 92 elements of the periodic table, the stuff the physical universe is made of, and substitute one for the other, creating an enormous amount of heat, harnessable as electricity, in the process. Fusion rockets will allow us to successfully land people on Mars, and bring them safely back to Earth.

By personally standing in the way of such human progress, in order to bail out bankrupt speculators on Wall Street, and internationally, Barack Obama is demonstrating himself to be a threat to humanity, incompetent to lead the nation, and must be impeached, or forced to resign, immediately. There is no other option, if the human species is to survive this global economic meltdown. We must develop fusion, or we will soon cause ourselves to cease to exist.

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