Foreclose on Obama to Save the U.S.A.


October 27, 2010 – (RealEstateRama) — Obama is defending the so-called “rights” of international banks, to throw Americans out of their homes, arguing that halting foreclosures will weaken the economy. Not even Herbert Hoover had a policy of throwing people out on the street. This sort of malicious, murderous insanity, by Obama, will continue killing Americans, unless this failure of a human being is removed from office by the 25th Amendment.

Everything Washington has done since July 2007 has been a fraud. The Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, proposed by economist Lyndon LaRouche, in July 2007, is the only real solution to the mortgage crisis, to help the millions of people being foreclosed on, while halting the phony mortgage backed securities bubble.

The HBPA includes three provisions:

(1) a national freeze on foreclosures;
(2) protection of commercial banks through Glass-Steagall bankruptcy reorganization, while writing off the worthless paper associated with derivatives trading; and
(3) the creation of a rental payment system to recapitalize commercial banks, as long as the morato- rium is in place, coordinated by governors on the state level.

This process may take several years, but it is the only way to ensure that families are kept in their homes, and safe from the invisible hand of Wall Street, which has been picking our pocket since Nixon destroyed the fixed exchange rates of Franklin Roosevelt, in 1971.

Only a return to Glass-Steagall banking, where the commercial assets of day-to-day life are kept separate from all forms of speculation and gambling, coupled with massive investment in scientifically advanced infrastructure projects like NAWAPA and NASA, can create a long term economic recovery. This is the policy that will create enough productive work, so that people can afford to buy a home and raise a family. This won’t happen as long as Obama remains in office, so he must be foreclosed on with the 25th Amendment, now.



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